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See what they say about Bruno and the Willow Vale Cooking School

I love Bruno. He is one of the most talented and experienced chefs with one eye on the pot and one eye on the vegetable patch. To cook and learn from Bruno in his school would be a dream come true.
Jamie Oliver
Celebrity Chef
Bruno is a very special Chef. He is both technically skilled and creative. He also happens to be one of the nicest people I have ever worked with, always friendly ,calm and positive.
Pierre Koffmann
Pierre Koffmann
Formerly of La Tante Claire, London, 3 Michelin star
Australia's gain is the U.K.'s loss. Bruno was one of the most popular and respected chefs in London and also one of the most creative. Grain Store was a game-changing restaurant. Years after it opened, Grain Store's vegetable focus can be found replicated on menus across London. While Bruno is likeable and self-effacing, his impact and influence on the restaurant scene eclipses that of many high-profile London chefs.
Richard Vines
Richard Vines
Chief Food Critic, Bloomberg
The best thing I have done all year for my team, maybe the best thing ever, was to treat them all to a cooking class with Bruno Loubet. We all know Bruno as a world renowned French chef with fabulous ideas on sustainability and authenticity. He is also warm, engaging and able to relate to everyone in the room in a way that quite naturally breaks down barriers and makes everyone feel comfortable and enthusiastic about joining in. We all learnt something new about food and about each other in the most delicious, fun and natural way. Whatever the occasion, private cooking class, team building or any other event I can assure you Bruno will exceed every expectation and everyone will leave feeling a little more enriched.
Cassandra Pullos