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French Icons A

Most people, who have experienced good “old school” French food will have been struck by the honest depths of flavours, followed by a soothed, comforting feeling.
We could call it the ultimate comfort food, but don’t be fooled…this is sophisticated cooking.

Price: $225

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My mother’s special recipes

With the reminiscent of the second World war, food was something taken very seriously in the Loubet home. Everyday my mother, cooked simple food but always with a lot of care, good ingredients, that were cooked and seasoned properly.


Sunday 27th August  2023

Price: $230

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Five desserts we love

We all love a good dessert so we have chosen for this workshop 5 wonderful classics that will please the most discerning guests.

So get to learn the why and the what with fool proof recipes and master the technics. Don’t forget that less is more!

Price: $225

Sunday 12th November 2023

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Cuisine Lyonnaise

Food is taken very seriously in Lyon and its region. It is blessed with a multitude of amazing delicious produce like “poulet de Bresse”, cardoons, charcuterie…etc. Monsieur Paul Bocuse was the greatest ambassador of french cuisine around the world and his restaurant of the same name near Lyon is still the mecca of traditional French gastronomy. A visit is a must if you are in this beautiful part of France. In this workshop we chose 3 of Catherine’s favourite dishes

Price: $225

Saturday12th August 2023

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Cuisine Bretonne

The cuisine from Brittany is quite robust. Bretons like to retain a strong identity in their culture. Their dishes make the most of what is around. They are renown for being amazing fishermen but also to grow a lot of vegetables. Artichokes, cauliflowers and cabbages are the meant part of their production. In this workshop, I chose dishes which i think are a good representation of Breton cooking outside Brittany and will tempt you to this amazing coastal region of France.

 Sunday 22nd October 2023

Price: $225

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French bread making

I love bread! Maybe a bit too much for my health! Historically bread goes back very far in time. Historians say up to 8000BC in the Middle East. Of course, over time, techniques have been developed and lots of recipes were created around the world.


Price: $225

Saturday 28th October 2023

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Spanish Treats

Spanish chefs are often very creative but nevertheless they don’t compromise with Spanish food heritage, giving this amazing parallel between modern and classic. Spain has a lot of coastline, mountains and fertile farmland. It also has a long travel history resulting in many cultural influences. In this workshop, the three classic dishes demonstrated are simply delicious and a testimony to the spanish ingeniosity with food.

Ajo Blanco (bread, almond and grapes chilled soup)

Seafood Paella

Churros, chocolate sauce

Wednesday 12th October 2022




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