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Catherine & Bruno Loubet

A shared passion

Bruno and Catherine lived in London and were part of  the busy London restaurant scene until 2017. Bruno owned and cooked at the critically acclaimed restaurant Grain Store in King’s Cross, London. They returned to sunny Queensland again seeking out that all important slower pace. They opened Willow Vale Cooking School in the Gold Coast Hinterland but recently relocated to beautiful Perseverance. The school is set on their own farm.
With a firm belief that good cooking begins with good produce they created an extensive biodynamic vegetable garden.

They also keep horses, sheep, donkeys and poultry on the property.

It’s been a long journey but Catherine and Bruno are very proud to welcome you to
Willow Vale Cooking School.

About Bruno Loubet

Bruno has spent over 40 years heading up kitchens in London, France and Australia working with world renowned chefs. Becoming a legend in his own right, he earned one Michelin stars, published three cookbooks and made several TV appearances over his career.

Bruno’s cooking style is rooted in his beliefs for a more sustainable lifestyle and inspired by his experiences growing up in France, where he learnt to grow his own produce and tend to his animals from a young age. This combined with his extensive travel experiences has shaped the vision for Willow Vale Cooking School.

Bruno’s dream of sharing his passion and knowledge for food dining has become a reality at Willowvale Cooking School.

Our Beliefs

We want Willow Vale Cooking School to reflect the growing movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle, respecting what we eat and showcasing the provenance and production techniques.
Plant based food is very much on the agenda at our school. We are lucky that our garden blesses us with the most delicious and nutritious vegetables in seasons, growing multiple opportunities of our ‘roots to leaves’ philosophy.
We believe that less meat and fish and more plants is the way to leading a more sustainable lifestyle.