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The Willow Vale Cooking School


Set on an idyllic farm in the beautiful hamlet of Perseverance, Willowvale Cooking School is located between Esk and Toowoomba. With cooking classes run by legendary chef Bruno Loubet and organically grown produce hand-picked straight from the farm. We also try whenever possible to use the fantastic produce available in our region.

Visit our What’s On page to book tickets for our up-coming classes or contact us for information about our private hire.

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The school

Our cooking school is centered on the garden and what is available. We try to use mostly our homegrown vegetables and fruits and if this is not possible we aim to use local produce whenever possible.
Sustainability, seasonality, and regionality are the ethos of our school.

The garden

IN South East Queensland, we are blessed with an amazing weather to grow vegetables all year round.
Of course, some periods are more propitious than others for certain vegetables.
But for us, coming from Europe, this is amazing. We are always amazed at how quickly everything grows. The garden is completely chemical free and we use particular methods to keep it healthy and we make our own compost to enrich the soil.


All the raised beds are made using the concept of “HugelKultur”, making the most of natural elements, a technique well known in permaculture.
We have also planted many fruit and bush food trees and cannot wait to see them producing.
We find growing incredibly satisfying and rewarding, not to mention the “out of the chart” flavours and nutrient content.
A priceless life experience.