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Flexitarian Option D

There is nothing as satisfying as a picnic in the countryside or on the beach, and in Queensland we are so blessed with fantastic weather to enjoy it all year round.

This workshop is available for group bookings.

Price: $195

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Flexitarian Option A

If you want to move more towards a plant based diet or already champion the plant kingdom, its easy to feel stuck on what to do to keep it interesting and more importantly healthy.


Saturday 28th August 2021

Friday 19th February 2021

Price: $215

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Moroccan Delights

 Colourful, fragrant, often slow cooked to blend a myriad of flavours, Moroccan cuisine has been influenced by many other cultures. The complex flavours in some dishes, transcending the use of spices are so exciting and of course so delicious. Perfect cuisine for Queensland weather!

Price: $215

Sunday 28th November 2021

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